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Save money!

Here you'll find the best price. Depending on the type of room, the cost will be between 5 -7 euros lower per night than on any other site.

Free drink

As special thanks for guests who book on this website, we like to offer you a free drink!

Flexible cancellation conditions

When you book here, we can be more flexible in case you need to cancel. If for some reason you need to cancel your reservation but you cancel too late, we will only charge you the first night (instead of the cost for the full reservation).

Donation to education

For every direct booking, we donate 1% of your room price to Hotel con Corazón, a hotel with a heart. This boutique hotel with a social cause invests its profits in educational projects. The first hotel in Granada, Nicaragua, has proven succesful and has helped already hundreds of children to finish their school.
We are supporting more hotels for education in Mexico and Nicaragua!